Jen Jeffrey began writing when her mother put a pencil in her hand – it was a natural fit. Writing stories, poetry, songs and even blogs (before the term was coined) writing was a passionate pastime as she raised her three boys and worked in the medical field. 

When she trekked off to New York in 2011 her writing career began as a published writer when John C. Wilson took a chance on her as she wrote the series “A Chattanoogan on Long Island” for the Chattanoogan.com online news publication. Jen missed the rolling Tennessee hills and her family, so she moved back home and was eventually hired on as a staff writer with more assignments for the news publication.

Jen has interviewed well over a hundred people in the city of Chattanooga from simple every day folk to judges and politicians and television personalities. She has written about creative artists and has shared poignant stories of cancer survivors and those with special needs as she features people from all walks of life.

She also writes a monthly series called “Growing Local” and visits farms around the region, helping farmers to share information on the importance of growing and buying local and its health benefits.

While writing her personal column since 2011, Jen openly touches on very personal topics as well as writing her stories adding humor to everyday living experiences.

Jen has three grown sons, who live in Chattanooga and Cleveland and she enjoys her three grandchildren plus extended family.


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