Coming Soon!


Have you ever known what you were supposed to be doing, but wondered about other passions?  I love horses! I love riding, I love grooming them and I have this soul connection with certain horses. But being a rancher is something totally different. I have had fun working at our ranch this past year after I took time off from writing, but now it’s time to get serious and get back to  my first love.

I still love sending things to the publication on occasion, but I decided that it was time now to start my own publication right here in Murray. To bring so much of what I learned over the past few years to the people of Murray. And, with  talent  genetically passed onto me as well as the purpose in which God guides me, I am excited to be launching an online magazine called “The Murray Mirror”.

If you follow my writing, I hope you will continue to read what is happening around me. Murray is my birthplace, and the friendliest town in America.

Launching this fall


~Jen Jeffrey Billington


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