The Jolly Rancher: A Soggy Bottoms Story


Woke up in such a good mood this morning. God’s gift of another beautiful sky greeted me and I took pictures while Jason let the greyhounds run ‘off leash’…

Well, they were gone quite a while. I went outside and hollered for Jason incase he needed me to help him round up the doggies that took off for the far wooded area (past the woods behind our house – about 4 football field lengths). He was nowhere in sight and it was 35 degrees. He had told me about the time Spec got stuck in a swamp back there and he had to go in after him, so I feared the worse…

I got in my 2WD Jeep and drove down the cornfield to the end of our woods. Now, we live in the soggy bottoms, so a 2WD Jeep really won’t do, but it looked fairly dry.   I still didn’t see him, so I headed out toward the other woods and all of a sudden my Jeep went down into the ‘soggy bottoms’ of the field. Now, in my defense… it was covered in frost, so it didn’t look wet to me. It was wet. And muddy. And I was stuck.

Jason emerged from the far woods, still a few football fields away, and I went on foot to meet him. He knew I was stuck. After we got back to my Jeep with the dogs in hand, he tried to have me put it in Drive and Reverse back and forth for me to try to ‘rock’ it out. I was afraid that was going to tear up my transmission switching gears back and forth like that, but I listened to him.

That wasn’t working, so we found a long piece of dead tree nearby and tried to wedge it under my back tire, but it still wouldn’t budge. So… it was time to try our trusty John Deere (which I have now named Jen Deere) to see if it could pull my Jeep out and Jason took me to the ranch to get it.

Ladies, when our husband’s face a dilemma in which they feel they need to solve it with their wits, they are mission minded and not always ‘in the best mood’ and we of course, get flustered trying to do what they ask and hope they aren’t mad. But in that mode – we don’t think very well.

Hubby saw me grabbing the hydraulic fluid when getting ready to fill the tractor instead of the diesel and he started letting me know real quick what I was doing even though I did catch myself before I even unscrewed the lid. But with him telling me (a little loudly) I became more flustered and didn’t turn off the tractor before beginning to fill it with fuel (to which I think my response was something like ‘if YOU want to do it, be my guest….’)

Finally, I got going on the tractor toward the house and hubby took off in his 2WD truck to the house and then walked to the scene of the disaster. I rode my tractor as fast as it would go (I think 22MPH) the mile and a half from the ranch to our house and got back to the woods where my Jeep was.

I was frozen solid, but for the time it took to get home on a tractor, I was calmer and I think hubby was too. He had trekked on foot from our house to the field carrying a heavy plank and had it wedged under the tire that was sunk in mud. With the tractor’s loud rumbling I could not hear what hubby was telling me and it got comical as he told me to let him go forward first … and all I heard was ‘go forward’ to which I did. After a bit of finagling, I finally had the tractor positioned right and it was a GO!

I pulled my Jeep out as hubby steered and I kept going! I made sure we were in a dry part of the cornfield before I stopped. When I stopped Hubby and I both gave a thumbs up and smiled at each other. We both knew that no matter what lack of communication or different perspectives male/females have in a tense situation – that we are buds. Forever. And we had a small adventure this morning and still had time to make it to church!

Thanks God, for these times we can make memories and laugh at ourselves. Thank you for small thrills and thank you for my Jen Deere Tractor!


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