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Maggie Moses

A friend of mine informed me that Chattanooga Icon “Maggie Moses” left us for Heaven today. Maggie was a kind, spunky ol’ soul and I was privileged to interview her for the Online News publication back in 2012. Maggie was very warm and welcoming and opened herself up to very personal questions and taking me back to when she was a dietician in WWII. She was one of the most fascinating women I have ever met. At the time of the interview she had just come ‘back back to work’ after breaking her hip – she was 91 years old. She opened the iconic restaurant “212 Market” when she was the young age of 72! What a courageous, determined, yet loving woman I was so fortunate to cross paths with. Her family was just as welcoming and supported my efforts in telling their mother’s story. Thank you Maggie Moses for everything you have contributed to Chattanooga and to the world! You will be missed – kick up your heels in Heaven sweet lady!–Helping.aspx


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