What A Horse Lover Wants You to Know

Jen and Legend

Me, My Horse and Just Us

That’s how a true horse-person feels. We go to be with our horse to truly ‘be’ with our horse. When others who are not really horse-people tag along to pretend they love them to, you can tell the whole mood between you and your horse is different. You get more accomplished with your horse when it is just you and the horse – bonding, understanding each other and reading each other’s mood.

People are in such a hurry today and they rush through everything. Those people don’t take the time to listen to what a horse is saying. And, if that person is a beginner with horses, if they don’t listen to what insight you are trying to give them, they will make mistakes that you and your learning horse cannot afford which causes a setback in all you have already taught them.

I would love it if everyone were a horse person and they ‘got it’ when being with the horses. That they were able to quietly watch. Observe. Listen.

I would love if a person could understand the bond between me and my horse and they took the time to watch us together. Just watching without any distraction or words can teach them more than they know. But they have to want that. They can’t expect to be around us and let their mind go in every direction and get what is ‘not’ being said.

If they would rather play with dogs, chat with others and not pay attention – they are better off not coming to the stables. Tomorrow, I will try it again, when it is me, my horse and just us.


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