My Country Tis of Thee


By Jennifer Jeffrey Billington

George Washington praying


My Country Tis of Thee …oh how you have changed.

As we have reached new heights and advanced so far – we couldn’t expect to stay the same.

But what has it cost us – this tantalizing spree

Of throwing our voices around and mocking liberty?

For there is a new liberty that allows anyone to enter in and violate our ways.

We have become so free with what we accept – yet we can no longer pray?


My Country Tis of Thee … once a Nation Under God,

Our feet have become weary for away from you we have trod.

We didn’t see it happening as we grew more enlightened,

But now dear Lord we Christians have become frightened.

This country once so great has shun you to its shame,

We are deserving of your wrath and we are all to blame.


My Country Tis of Thee … Forgive me for my part.

Not that I have changed my faith or what is in my heart,

But more for my silence and the evil I have tolerated,

As I watched God’s Land of the Free being ominously violated.

With twists of the tongue the enemy lies within,

So many believed him and thought he was their friend.


My Country Tis of Thee … oh how I cry for you now.

I am on my knees as I pray and my head I humbly bow.

For now I see that you have been ripped apart from the inside,

As we tear and claw at each other and remain on different sides.

We are continuously wounded because we don’t listen to the truth that once was,

The truth that is God’s Holy Word which has now been perverted for every cause.



My Country Tis of Thee … I mourn for you as death,

I would place my hand over my heart and my heart would swell with each breath.

My respect and pride for you was evident, but now you have been stripped bare,

I look to see your face once more, oh I pray you are still there!

Oh Lord what can I do I implore

Before my Country Tis of Thee …is my country no more?


2 thoughts on “My Country Tis of Thee

  1. heather says:

    I enjoy reading your posts from time to time. What do you think The Almighty thinks of “my country tis of thee” condoning same sex marriage now? “My country tis of thee” is losing sight of the purpose our forefathers fought for, which was christian freedom to serve and live as Jehovah being to one true God.

    • Heather I apologize it has taken me so long to find your reply and respond. Since I quit writing full time with the Chattanoogan, I rarely use this site except to post something here and there. It is only now that I am planning to make time to write more and I was looking over my ‘dusty’ website, that I even saw comments that needed approving and responses. The alert to let me know I have a message on here must be going to my spam folder so I will need to fix that. As for your question, I know our Father is grieved once again at man’s heart in where the majority stand today. I do know that as I watch my Country change rapidly, I am getting my rapture boots ready and will soon be seeing Jesus on that white horse coming for us! So whatever has to happen before He comes back – God allows it and we must not worry. Keep the faith, sister! Trust His hand. 🙂

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