Still Twitterpatted

springtim lovers

Spring is a time when everything comes alive. It is also when the birds flit and flitter and the deer prance around… nature beckons and love is in the air! The whole world is ‘twitterpatted’ (according to friend Owl in the movie Bambi). Spring is a time to look forward – but also a time to reflect on our growth and how far we have come.

Next month, Jason and I will celebrate our first anniversary. To me he is perfect – even on the days I see that he isn’t. I feel his love for me whenever I fail and show my ‘human side’. We all have our faults and when we recognize them, we will strive to make things better. We want to be our best that we can be. Not anyone else’s best – just our best.

One of the things I love about my husband is his giving heart. Anytime we are out to eat with others – my husband will pick up the check. He gives to his employees and he treats them with kindness and respect.

One of the first character traits I was attracted to was the way he respects women and, of course – his Mama. I also liked the fact that even though he never fathered a child biologically, he was a step parent for 15 years to his former wife’s kids and grandkids and though he was divorced from that wife, he still loved the kids and grandkids as his own.

Some women might be catty about that, or jealous – but it was what made me love him even more. To see his heart and how he could love people who were not his blood kin. That let me know that he would love and accept my family too.

Family is very important to me. To be there for our family (and especially when they are in need) is something we shouldn’t take lightly or brush off. Some people invest more in their hobby or even a political champagne than they do their own family or their spouse’s family.

I feel so blessed that my husband’s heart understands how important my family is to me and how important his family is to me. When I moved to Kentucky to be with him, I left my family in Tennessee. When I can’t be there with them – I give my love the best way I know how and my husband supports my efforts.

Being without my family near me has made his family even more important to me. They are the family that I have near me and I cherish each one! Even his ex-wife’s kids and grandkids. I have never begrudged Jason the love and support he gives to them – I have encouraged it. I have delighted in buying the young ones gifts and taking them in as my ‘step-step-grandkids’.

My husband has always welcomed my family, too. When they visit, he never thinks of it as a chore or something in which he needs to appease me – he actually enjoys being around them. I am thankful for that. His heart is so giving and understanding. God knew I needed a man who put the importance of family and giving as a priority and I feel so blessed to have him as my partner in life.

No, neither of us are perfect. It has nearly been a year and we have seen each other’s flaws or times when we disappoint, but we are still perfect ‘for each other’ and I would not have known to ask God for all the things He has given me in my husband. A husband who sees me at my worst and he loves me anyway. A husband who knows deep in his heart how much I truly love him and he trusts my love, he trusts that I pray for his best interest each day. He trust that I will care for him all the days of my life and there is no turning back. We are teammates, we are best friends and no matter what we do or don’t do, we never look down on each other or think less of each other.

God gave us a respect and a love for each other that is indissoluble. Oh, we do live in this fallible world and we have faced adversity (and will face it again) and when the little things occur that stir up discord we know to pray for protection of our love, we acknowledge what God gave us in which we could never replace and we hold onto it with tight grips and are grateful each day for the blessing of each other.

Today on this first day of spring and less than a month away from our first anniversary – I celebrate this day and every day that I wake up next to this Godly, giving, understanding man who is my hero and my best friend.

I love you, Moonshine!


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