Stepping Down

I have never been more proud of my husband than I am right now.  A successful businessman in his forties only wants to get better and will involve himself with affiliations that will serve that purpose. My husband understands that becoming a better businessman or simply ‘a better man’ is not about status, prestige or titles – it is about doing the right thing.

When my husband was joined with a group (I won’t mention names) in which he felt he could make a difference for his company, he obtained a title on the board of that group. But after observing  this group and through careful consideration, my husband stepped down.

His conviction to do the right thing was challenged with this group and he realized it was not a positive group to be associated with. His character and standing up for the right thing was more important that any title.

I had my own thoughts about it all along, but kept them to myself and left it up to my husband to come to the right decisions. I am so glad he did. Sometimes all that we wives need to do is just pray for our husbands and watch God work in their life. I amazed at this man of integrity. I am pleased that he feels peace about his decision and I know God is pleased.

I am so proud of my husband.


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