Growing Up in the 70s and 80s



I was born in 1966 but only  remember some of the 60s vaguely. My growing up years were mostly the 70s and 80s and, in the mid 80s I began raising my children. They were 80s and 90s kids and our eras sort of met in the 80s. If you grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s you will remember most of these things.




Pulling this lil’ guy on a string and watching his eyes roll up and down was fun. I sat and dialed pretend numbers and as I dialed it made a ring sound. I had to have been 2-3 years old but I remember this toy fondly.





I liked this toy because it challenged me. I think this toy helped me to love

organizing and compartmentalizing things today.





I remember the Gumby show and I had a bendable toy of Gumby, but I really wanted Pokey the horse. I am assuming with my older sisters, Gumby may have been a hand-me-down toy if it came with both.




I remember my Baby Tenderlove and playing with her on the top of Mama’s station wagon (the doll’s pretend bed that day). I forgot to get her from her nap and the next day Mama drove off with her and my baby was never seen again.



Is this scary or what? I was always nervous when I knew it was about to pop up at me!




I remember thinking I was a big kid and had my own radio.




The rings kind of bored me, after I stacked them once I was done and didn’t continue to play with them.






I remember this show (Davey and Goliath) and thinking it was really weird. I knew

it wasn’t a cartoon but had no clue how it was done. The boy had a funny voice too.





I don’t remember if this was in my room or at a friends house, but it

was a popular piece to have in your room.




Baby Drowsy. She was before my baby tenderlove. I didn’t like her funky eyes

and I tore up her string by pulling it to fast and hard.




Who didn’t like the Fisher Price Little People? The school house was my favorite.





I don’t know if I had one of these or a friend or older sister did,

but I remember playing with it and wished I had it.





A friend had this. I was bored with it and wanted a real one.




This was one of my favorite toys at about 3-4 years old. The Farmer Says.




The Big Wheel. My second favorite toy. I was too little for even the smallest adjustment on the seat so I would turn it over a lot and play like I was churning ice cream and I was “the ice cream truck” spinning rocks into the upside down wheel. I eventually grew into riding it and I loved it.





THIS was my all-time favorite toy! I was three and my

Daddy put it together on Christmas day.




I had both of these. I didn’t like their red yarny hair or the triangle nose… it was not a real doll to me.


I have NO idea why I had this doll, but my Daddy loved the Flip Wilson Show.

I remember giggling when I pulled the string and heard Flip say my favorite line,

“What you see is what you get honey, Woo!”



I don’t know why I watched this show, Freddie creeped me out – they

ALL creeped me out, but I think I liked the fashion.




I didn’t have one but my neighbor did and I loved it! Being spun around was the best!



A friend of mine who was two years younger had one of these and it

made me jealous that she had something to sleep with that lit up.


h and r puf and stuff

This was another freaky show I never understood. Not sure if half of

what I watched were actually shows my older sisters watched most.



Everyone’s grandmother or aunt had one of these.

My aunt came to our house with one and it was like opening a treasure chest.

Inside I found chocolate! Unfortunately it was Ex-Lax chocolate and yes, Mama

had to call the doctor.




These were toys that my grandfather had in his toy closet. The closet had toys of my dad’s when he was little and probably a few new ones mixed in, so I am not sure whose these were, but all of my sisters enjoyed them, along with a train set.



We had a thick book of nursery rhymes and my Mama could

read them with such animation, it made the book come alive for us!




I think a friend had this, but I liked playing with it.



I liked the Sonny and Cher Show. I loved her outfits and I loved when

they brought Chastity (Now Chaz) out on the show.



My older sisters loved this show (Lassie). I remember watching some re-runs with them.


Mr French

I think these were also re-runs, (Family Affair) but I had a Mrs. Beasley

doll! I loved Uncle Bill and I always wanted a ‘Mr. French’.


We had this toy, but I remember playing with it and all the

parts weren’t there, limiting my creativity.



“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” (I tried so hard to get them to).




The little people’s farmhouse. I always wished they had legs.



Primary Years – I was in grammar school when I remember these things…



This was a show on Saturday morning. I believed the car really could communicate.




A friend had this phone. I wanted one.




As girlie as I was, I loved cars and trucks.





I had a Barbie style doll head instead of Cher, but loved the idea of playing in make-up and hair.




I think I had every Barbie ever made at least once in my life. I liked them more for fashion purposes, but I liked the “Sunshine Family” because there was a daddy and my parents had divorced by this time. I always hated this dude’s hair though.



stripe gum

I loved this gum AND the commercials! Fruit Stripes!




My Daddy would ‘belly laugh’ at Maxwell Smart’s stupidity. I watched this with him.



The toy that doesn’t make any sense and that will always be in every household. We had stairs and that’s all I remember doing with it… making it crawl down the stairs.




I liked learning and this was about the only thing I paid attention to

when learning useful things. This way of learning spoke to me.



The futuristic Jetson’s would be laughed at now.




A poster from my era… always scared me. Why was

he mad and …how come I never met this uncle?


I loved Toss Across!




We all had playdoh. We were lucky if we got the cool kits to make stuff. I hated the smell of it.




Back when it wasn’t thought of as ‘evil’ we had an Ouija board.

I always thought it was fake and that my sisters just moved it.





I mostly remember Dick Clark’s American Bandstand

when my older sister watched it but he kept going passed

the era when it was cool.





The closet was one of my favorite Barbie things. I think it helped

mold me into having the OCD closet I have today.






The Mod Squad. I have no idea about anything more than it was

my sister’s show and they dressed funky.






Smilie ANYTHING was a favorite thing for me. It was just happy. My

sister closest to my age had a pink pillow like this and I loved hugging it.




I loved the dinosaur show, Land of the Lost. It could get pretty scary though with the sleezacks.





I liked watching Wonder Woman, but never liked her hair as ‘Wonder Woman’. I liked it when she was just simply “Diana” and …I only watched the show for Lyle Wagoner. I liked Bionic Woman the best and I “was” Jamie Summers when I played detective with friends.




I was quite small when my family watched this and I

didn’t always ‘get it’. But I liked that it was about relationships.




I had this lil’ guy but I don’t think he lasted long. I think I broke it.





No, GI JOE was not just for boys. I liked him and I had one. He was shorter

than my barbies though so I didn’t make him their boyfriend.






I was a summer girl and loved good hot summers so Malibu Barbie and Ken were my favorites and they had a real suntan too! I never liked Ken’s fake hair though. GI Joe had it going a lot better style-wise.




The klacker balls. They had no purpose except made a really cool noise.

A noise I came to appreciate in shoes.





Before bottled water and hand sanitizer – we had a water hose.

My sisters liked to kink the hose and make it not come out and

then spring it on me making water go up my nose.



My most favorite game ever! I hope to play this with my granddaughter the next time she visits.




This game always made me nervous. I was not good at it

and always lost my marbles.




I loved fuzzy feet. I don’t know why. My oldest sister had a large

rug like this and then there were these little stickers.




I didn’t like the bald man or his static-ky hair, but I liked the science behind this.





Dawn dolls were tinier than Barbies, so they always

made nice “kids” for the Barbies.





Fuzz and googly eyes were always great.




Another of my dad’s favorite shows I watched with him.




Going to the doctor was never too bad because there was so much to do

inside a Highlights magazine. I didn’t like when a kid before me already

did everything there was to do in them though.




Ring pops were good. (I don’t think these are ring pops in the picture) but

it reminded me of them. Ring pops were like a pacifier for kids to suck on and were a great sucker.




Pound Puppies were something my friends had and collected. They were too small for me, I wanted a real puppy.



Didn’t care much for Robin.  Batman seemed mean. I liked Superman and the Wondertwins.




This was what my first roller skate looked like. I think I first

tried my older sisters’ and my sneakers were still too small for me to

use them very well, but it didn’t take long for my foot to grow and to have my own.

I liked the sound of the metal wheel on the pavement.





I never had one, but my friends did. I LOVED fashion and drawing.




This was another game that just made me nervous.

First… the ‘naked man’ and then that loud buzz!





I was a girlie-girl, but I loved Evil Kenevil and I had one of these.





These feet were part of my childhood – my older sisters has many feet things.


erthj vg



We had some really weird things as a kid, didn’t we?






My dad had a Polaroid. I was always amazed watching it develop.



electra woman and dina girl


Electra Woman and Dina Girl. When I learned what bad acting was,  but I watched them.




Easy Bake Oven. I never had one, but my friends did. I liked the science of it more than the actual cooking.




I barely remember this or remember if it were mine

or my sisters’ but it was a strange thing.




ANY poster back then was velvety. I liked the fun ones.



Dr_ Shrinker


Dr. Shrinker was a Saturday morning show that was pretty strange.





The label gun. It was something every kid had even if we didn’t have things

that needed a label. It didn’t matter. It was our way of placing removable

graffiti everywhere!



Something one of my sisters had. I was never good at it and I didn’t like the

mixed colors that made it look like my grandmother’s rug.






My Dad loved cartoons and most of the shows he watched, we

only watched with him. He loved this show.





I have no idea what this was – but it was everywhere and

I think my oldest sister had this poster.




We all liked the Jackson Five and the cartoon was fun. I

liked Michael’s little mouse.





What did this candy do to our brain? All I know is I opened

my mouth and heard my brain frying. Sometimes a pop inside my mouth would





My girlfriends had charm bracelets and I always wanted one.

I just never knew what I would collect.






Plastic Bowling in the living room was fun.






The bionic man and woman. My favorite show, and my favorite dolls.





“Shaza’am!” It was funner to say it …than to watch the show.




The barrel of monkeys. Creepy little guys, but I liked the

clean up part of hooking them together from a messy pile.






The Barbie Camper. I think I was given one of my friend’s unless

Mama got one from a yard sale. The only ‘new’ Barbie thing I got

was a Barbie Town House and Barbie Ski Lodge. I liked anything Barbie.




The baby Crissy doll. Her hair pulled out of her head to

make it long or short. I liked brushing it but the rest of the

hair on her head stayed short and I thought that was weird.




Pick Up Sticks was NOT my favorite thing. My sisters were

good at it, but I didn’t like the mess of the pile only to have

to strategize getting a certain one free. I would rather have built something.




Yes, I was in love with Donnie Osmond and I

thought I ‘was’ Marie (as far as singing). I loved Variety shows.

My Favorite show ever was Carol Burnett and I think D&M

patterned their show after hers.





These were hard.




Either my sisters or friends had this. I just liked the juice and

would leave the sucked on ice after the juice was gone.





Loved dump trucks and playing in the dirt. My Barbies loved riding in them too.




Was this not the best thing ever? You knew your parents loved you if they bought the 64 pack crayons.




I vaguely remember this game.




Oh the Dukes. I didn’t think Daisy was pretty but I liked her shorts.

I also liked the cool car and one of my guy friends had this.




My Barbie Townhouse. I could play with it forever.



This thing made no sense to me but I would still play with my sister’s for a little while.







Another grown up Crissy doll… I was over her by this time, but my friends had this one.





This was a fun game. It didn’t make me nervous, because I was good at Tic Tac Toe and making patterns.





Fury was my first horse show I loved to watch. I knew I would always

want a horse and I knew I had a special way of talking to them, just like Joey.






These were always in a goody bag at birthday parties. I hated them. They always got stuck.






This was about the style stereo’s were when I got mine. I called

it a record player. I had so many 45’s I loved playing.





My thumb would hurt from pushing the button so much. Never good at this.






My older sisters’ game. I did not like the pop-o-matic. It was

loud when it was their turn and it never changed the dice when I did

it because I wasn’t strong enough to work it like my older sisters.





Silly Putty! It smelled bad, but not as much as playdoh! I loved the transfer thing.

But when I tried the transfer thing with playdoh… it didn’t work.




The boxing robots. Who didn’t love this? I think this was

my sister’s who was closest to my age. She always beat me up. (And without the robots too).





The Duncan Yo-Yo. I had many and the best one

was the one that lit up and was shaped like a butterfly.




Evil Kenevil “anything” was good. I loved when he had a special on tv.




The Harlem Globe Trotters. My dad watched them a lot and I think my oldest sis

had a basketball of theirs. I liked the bald guy (and 22 is my favorite number).






Mrs. Beasley. I didn’t know why any girl wanted a doll that was

an old lady, but because Buffy had one (the girl on Family Affair) I wanted one too.

It’s funny… but any doll I had with a pull string that made noise always came up missing.





My Mama had one of these. Hers was red and I think she got it from Kroger.

She would give them to me when they broke.





The ugliest doll ever. The only reason I played with it was to twirl

it between my hands and make the hair look funky.





The View Master. These were cool! They were our “computer” that took us away

from anything going on in the room and to another place!




My dad could make these things look real and it was so weird.





We had this game and it was okay, but I wasn’t much of a

game person. My sisters were all older so anything they were

good at  – I usually was NOT at the time.




A friend had this. I had no idea why. I hated the fashion, but

Holly Hobby was a popular doll.


Ugh, the dreaded Monopoly game. EVERY one was good at this but

me and it lasted too long for my attention span.







Now… I LOVED this game. I loved interaction games. Being the

smallest, I had a challenge though.


Preteen years…late seventies… Pre-teen years were confusing because we weren’t quite a teenager and we still liked kid stuff.




I loved the magic 8 ball and probably would still like it today.





I never liked board games much, but this one (Clue) was the one I really liked.





Oh the Disco era…. Flashy ‘anything’ was cool.





I loved electronic football and was so glad when a friend gave me theirs.





I have no idea why I remember this thing, But I know I liked it. Not sure

if I had one or not. I remember playing it a lot.




My sister’s had Spirograph. I could never keep the teeth in the

grooves and would get frustrated that my design’s were never

good. I liked doodling on my own.





I have no idea why I had a Stretch Armstrong, but I did. I loved stretching

him but the curiosity of ‘what was inside him’ made this toy not last long at all.







Slime was gross, but even if it felt funny, it surprisingly was

very neat and not messy. I loved that concept. Taking a piece in your

hand and faking a sneeze was the best… people would always go “ewww!”





I think a friend gave this to me and my sister. We LOVED this

and were both pretty good at it.





I never had the Charlie Angels dolls, but I loved the show and imagined

I was them. I also collected stickers that came in the gum packs (think baseball cards).





Loved Foosball!





I thought Andy Gibb was cute. I liked him but I don’t recall

ever seeing all that hair on his chest.





Okay seriously.. what was Alf?





When the anatomically correct boy baby doll came out,

I would think I was ‘really’ a mommy in my head and all I

wanted to be when I grew up was a mom.





Battle ship was another game I liked.






I remember Mad Magazine. I think it was a little racy? Not sure, barely remember.





When I was old enough to have secrets, this was my favorite thing.





I love John Travolta.





Tiger Beat was great to get “free posters” out of it.





I always wanted one of these phones. I thought I would have to be rich to get one.




When I hung out at the roller rink, a gob of pom poms on skates were popular.

It was a collecting kind of thing.




Everyone wanted Farrah Hair.






Skate boarding, sweat jackets and Nikes were cool.





Whenever we were sick, Mama bought us Archie Comic books.

I grew up and did the same for my kids.




The first time you put this in your mouth it freaked you out!

It was good gum though.




I liked Ebony and I loved Janet Jackson.



Rainbow suspenders were cool and happy.





Except when they were on Mork. But we loved him!





I always wanted one of these and have never seen one except in photos.





I hated strobe lights. I didn’t like that ‘mind-blowing feeling’.




Soul Train was cooler than Bandstand when I was becoming a teenager.





I watched them because I thought the dad was cute and so was Greg. I

was Cindy’s age though. I think I started a pattern of liking older guys here.




I don’t know why, but my hippie sister had snake posters and ceramic cobras.





Twirling the cord, hanging up loudly, the hypnotizing dialing….





My sisters were more of the hippie era. I liked the posters though.




Stacking as many records as you could to play as you sat day-dreaming about a cute boy.





Learning that our bodies could do more than just be ‘born skinny’ or ‘born fat’. We had the control to do with them what we wanted and it wasn’t just guys who were allowed to sweat! And let’s face it…. legwarmers were fashionable.




The Lava lamp. As a teenager… when you didn’t want to over think things you just watched this.





Old enough for lip gloss! That was the best part.




Very slight disco era for me. Solid Gold, Donna Summer, Saturday Night Fever… a Blip.







I had to have one in every color….





The Buddy.






Another scary poster my sisters had that was supposed to be cool.







I can still recite the whole “Mikey” commercial.



speed skate


Losing the pom poms… we were ready for “speed skates” LOL.





The bigger the stereo, the better. It was your very own piece of furniture.





What did our society teach us? I liked the perfume though.





Old enough to wear deodorant! And it was a fun name!





Long hair, tee shirts and jeans and skateboards. Putting away the dolls.





Fun to watch shows about the ‘olden days’.




Best dessert on a stick ever!





This show was about my mom’s days and how she grew up… it was

okay back then but I didn’t appreciate it until I was in my 40s.




The cassette. How long would we wait by the radio for our favorite song to play and then tape it?



TEENAGER!! The 80’s


A challenging game of observance




Devo. When it wasn’t ‘supposed to make sense’.




Ah …the only reason I watched tennis.




The cool show I finally understood.





Three’s Company was way ahead of it’s time – before any of us really understood it all.




We ALL had a cool shimmery Jacket.



Michael Jackson was the coolest.





I didn’t have one, but always wanted one.



When you couldn’t control all that permed hair…. a banana clip.





He was a cutie. I think this show came out when I was heading

from teenager to a mom.(18 year old mom).






The church lady. When we learned that church was a bit too strict

and men stopped wearing white shirts and ties and could add color.




Coneheads. I just never got it.




If a guy was not a long haired rock star type, or a preppie guy,

he was Miami Vice.





I must have been about 14 or so when Blue Lagoon came out

and I felt as though I were watching porn.





We all ‘flashdanced’ in our living room but never

at the school dance.




The dirty rocker … the hairier and screamier … the better.





Remember Black Reeboks? And also L. A Gear? They went

well with television workouts with Gil!





Pac Man at the skating rink, when our friends didn’t come

and we didn’t want to skate by ourselves.





All I remember is his name was Max and I don’t know why …but he was cool.





If you wore these… you were could tune out people.





As  a teen between the ages 14 – 16, Madonna was cool. When she became ‘controversial’ I became a mom and she was just ‘sinful’. LOL





A weird kind of romance we loved to watch.





Remember jellies and having a color for every outfit? I hated how they made my feet sweat.




The cool novelty toy.





Everyone wanted to be Rick Springfield’s girl.





Ironically from age 16-18 I read the Sweet Valley High books religiously and at 18, had a set of twins of my own.





The fiber optic lights were cool for a short while. I liked breaking the pipes and seeing the light still be able to shine… (again… for the science of it).




Izod’s were THE shirt to wear. That lil’ alligator taught me the difference in who I was supposed to be friends with (sarcasm).





Every teen age girl’s shampoo.




It wasn’t the 80’s without Cosby.



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