Happily Married Discoveries

Jen Jeffrey

After two months of wedded bliss a routine finally set in and I have felt a little less overwhelmed with my new life. While adjusting to married life once again, I also faced being in a new place, having a new schedule and new responsibilities. These were all positive things I welcomed in my life, but the necessary adjustment period would just take a little time. It is also good working a little less as new things have been added to my life.

There is a Facebook audience I share personal tidbits with who tell me they enjoy reading my “Happily Married Discovery” posts, and I thought I would share them with readers of the Some are tongue and cheek, but every new discovery I have found has been a delight and I doubt they will ever end.

Happily married discovery…#1 – Sent hubby to the store for shampoo, conditioners and lotion with brand names listed. Though he had trouble finding a couple, he came home with every single item that I asked for. Way to go hubby!
#2 – Hubby is a cover stealer. Wifey is not afraid to yank it back.

#3 – When writer-wife has a creative thought while in bed and she grabs her phone to send a note to herself, Hubby is NOT to inquire to what she is doing and start a conversation lest she lose the thought. He knows this now.

#4 – So glad there is a “cat room”. #allergic

#5 – Had leftover Chinese for breakfast. Will make a grocery list…. I feel like I am performing an exorcism on the former bachelor pad. LOL.

#6 – Wife secretly delights when hubby looks for something she moved to another place…

#7 – Just made the FIRST grocery list. The kitchen is empty (leftover pizza for breakfast). In order to have everything I need to cook… spices, condiments, sauces…. and don’t get me started on the household items… the list is three pages. Hubby will have a heart attack for first time grocery buying.

#8 – I will leave the clean-up of Greyhound poo in the garage to hubby… not fond of “Grey-poo-pon”

#9 – It’s not that I want to feminize this place… I just need it ‘woman friendly’. That won’t really happen until I go to the store for my own cleaning agents, detergents and a good broom and CLEAN dustpan that is just for the inside of the house and not used for “everything”. #Rome built in many days

#10 – Differences: Hubby in skivvies… wifey in yoga pants, sweatshirt, socks and a blanket.

#11 – Hubs passed another test!
The man side of the sink area had tooth paste splatters and whisker debris. Wife cleaned it and never said a word. Hubs has used sink all week and it is still clean.

#12 – When hubby watches hockey in the den he hollers out as if he were at a sports bar. #jumpy wife

#13 – Ahh! I love small town life! The garbage man came to pick up the garbage…. no, not a noisy, dirty city truck that throws the can in the ditch… but a nice, clean-cut boy with a pickup truck and a long, long open trailer. He pulled into the driveway by the house and got the garbage and spoke to me! I LOVE my friendly home place! #farmliving

#14 – I like the ‘getcha’ better than I like the ‘gotcha’.

#15 – House rule: if one takes the last cold diet coke from the fridge… one must replace it.

#16 – Hubby takes up more space in bed the second week of marriage than he did the first week.

#17 – It is good to fill up a Mr Coffee with water each time before using. #missmyKuerig

#18 – Wifey says: “This coffee pot is sooo slow.” Hubby says: “We take our time out here in the country.” Love this man!

#19 – When one lives on a farm with no neighbors in sight, one can take a wiz while walking the dogs… if one is a man. #jealous

#20 – I love when my hubby hears what I ‘don’t say’ …when I try to juggle too many things. He comes in like Superman and saves the day. #bringing home dinner.

#21 – Hubby is trying to push my love buttons when he buys me Cadbury cream eggs. ..I think he is actually pushing my ‘fat-forward’ button.

#22 Date night… Pizza and a movie. Hubby refers to left pizza crust as “pizza bones” (giggle)

(Jason slipped this one in)
Happily Married Discovery…ok….I know these are Jennifer Jen Jeffrey Billington’s shtick but I’ve got a good one. Wifey has not yet figured out how DVR works… tries to fast forward through commercials on live TV… it is so cute to hear the little doinks when she hits the fast forward button… worth a chuckle. She is so sweet.

#23 – I am amused that my husband has to text me while we are both in the house to ask where I am.

#24 – Worshiping at church with my husband is the most wonderful thing. Thanks, God.

#25 – When I am home relaxing on the weekend and not fixed up…and my husband out of the blue keeps saying I am ‘so pretty’ and ‘beautiful’… for no reason… I KNOW I am so happily married. But, when he picks one of the things I don’t like about myself physically and he says that he likes it… I know that his love for me is totally God-given.

#26 – I love spending the afternoon with the hubs and walking the Greys around the property while discussing where the new fences for horses will go. It is so awesome to discuss near-future plans together.

#27 – Yesterday was soooo Monday, but with hubby to hold me – it makes every day ‘Friday’.

#28 – Hubby needs to remove ink pens from pockets before placing clothes in the hamper.

#29 – Jason is a good granddaddy. He has been so wonderful.

#30 – It only took one hint for hubby to get me faster Internet speed with fiber optics. #happy wife

#31 – Hubby watching hockey when wifey has headache is painful.
#screamer fan

#32 When wifey doesn’t know what has happened to all the wash cloths… look in hubby’s shower for his collection.

#33 – I wonder how well hubby liked his India-style, beaded shower curtain that I just washed…. #time for new shower curtain.

#34 – Hubby and I have the same habit. While in a deep sleep and on our back if we make a mouth noise or a slight snore we move around and clear our throat as if to say “I’m awake. I heard it. I have recovered. ”

#35 – Still haven’t mastered knowing when hubby is talking to me or the animals.

#36 – Hubby still hasn’t mastered knowing when wifey leaves the room to have privacy in the “master loo” not to follow her to the bedroom.

#37 – Sweet discovery to find that after having turned over in bed, in the middle of the night I woke to find hubby and I holding hands. #sleep-loving

#38 – Learning what is good and not so good for us. Asked hubby if he would ever like to host exchange students from another country and he wasn’t keen on the idea. Then I showed him a post by a friend who had two beautiful Brazilian girls stay with her and he changed his mind. … and so did I.
#trust is good #not stupid is better

#39 – When hubby is away, the tough-to-open jars remain unopened.

#40 – Wifey isn’t fond of nights without hubby. Hurry home hubby.

#41 – While hubby has been out of town I have worked until two o’clock before I even took my first break… BUT… with what we must work around for each other we are so blessed to get to do that. Still loving married life and can’t wait for hubby to invade my schedule again! #worth it all.

#42 – Question. When hubby sees the new towels I bought and says, “They’re nice. … for general purposes.  Does that mean I am going to see him using them to clean up the dogs or other things around the house? #picky picky.

#43 – The intimacy that two share in marriage is settling in and I have stopped going to the other side of the house to use the bathroom. #progress.

#44 – Hubby was right. The towels are horrible… but wives listen to husband’s talk about ‘the cost of things’ so they try to keep cost down. Lesson learned.
#watch out hubby #cha-ching.

#45 – While listening to the radio in the truck, hubby and I started singing along…”It’s another tequila sunrise…” then we both were quiet because neither of us knew the rest of it and started laughing… #two peas #wonder-twins

#46 – After all the adoring, I finally have a pet peeve…
Hubby has an annoying habit of talking to me as he is leaving the room. #um… what?

#47 – I talked hubby into going outside and playing my b-ball exercise game I made up. I think I surprised him a little with the baskets I made, but he was also quite gallant when I was losing steam and we made it fun. I think play is very important in marriage.

The discoveries never end and when you marry the person you are meant for, neither does being ‘happily’ married once you are married.

It was a journey getting here, but oh so worth every step.


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