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Road Trip With Mama – Album of Kentucky Trip

The first evening we ate a good Kentucky meal

at Mama’s old pal’s house, Peggy Billington.

It was wonderful!


The next day, Jason took me to the Elk and Bison Prairie

and the Home Place 1850 to take in some history and nature.


We were in the truck and seeing them on the prairie pretty close!


The Home Place 1850 was full of history that was fun to see.




This girl was making potato bread!



We had a great time!

3-15-14 KY 046 crop - Copy

After leaving the prairie, we saw a side road that also had buffalo

and we pulled over and got out. I was really up close and personal

with one of them and I believe he was about to ‘charge’!

(link to video)

Jason also took me into town to see the recently collapsed building

in Murray which was on the same block as my grandfathers store.


The Courthouse


…And we had a Chicago dog at Mugsy’s


That evening, we went to see Peggy and her Boyfriend Nelson

perform in skits at the Murray Playhouse. They

were wonderfully funny!

Detective Nelson asks the ladies

about the ‘dead body’…


And Peggy played a hypochondriac

who was very nervous


She was at a meeting with the ‘Red Feather Society”

and these ladies were delightful.


Mama enjoyed seeing her friend!

Mama and Momma

The next day we went to church at Hardin Baptist Church.

3-16-14 ky 004

They had a theme going called “Route 66”

in which they were exploring all 66 books of the bible in 66 weeks!


On Monday, I met up with my old next door neighbors,

Betsy and Emily Gore at ‘Dumplins’.


Me, Emily (Gore) Kennedy and Betsy (Gore) Bond

My delicious lunch!


Mama also met up with friends at Dumplins – her old

bridge buddies, Peggy, Judy Overbey and Sharon Wells.

20140317_143054 (Mama in yellow)

After I left the ladies, I went exploring and turned into MSU

Murray State University. There were so many buildings!


This was the founder, Rainey T. Wells.

3-18-14 ky 039

When I saw the plaque below and the date it was founded, (1922)

I knew I had to go inside the library!

3-18-14 ky 034 - Copy

It was also neat to see the inscription on the library as

I have been on a quest to uncover my roots in Murray

and things about my dad.

“The Whole World Here Unlocks The Experience Of The Past”

3-18-14 ky 042 - Copy

I found a 1957 annual of with my father William T. Jeffrey

(second row, second to last)


On Wednesday, we took Mama around Lynn Grove to see

her old neighborhood and also her nephew, Mr. Rob Morton

of Morton Trucking Company.

20140319_112548  ???????????????????????????????

Rob teased with Mama about her ‘bling’ in trying to get her ring off.


I enjoyed seeing my cuz, too!


We took Mama by the cemeteries to see family members

who had already gone home to Heaven. It meant a lot to me

that she got to see my sister’s grave.


Then she enjoyed a Hutchen’s BBQ in Benton, Kentucky!


 I had really been looking forward to the next day. I attended the Rotary Club Meeting in which I was a guest of Yvette Pyle, the President of the Rotary. She was a delight and took me under her wing. Yvette is the retired principal of Calloway County High School, where my Uncle “Boots” Jeffrey had the gymnasium named after him.

Yvette and Jen

I got to meet with Loretta Jobs who grew up with my father

and she knew my grandparents.

Loretta Jobs and Jen

I also got to meet the recently retired publisher

of the Murray Ledger & Times, Ms. Alice Rouse.

Alice Rouse and Jen

And, I was delighted to meet up with new friend Lisa Shoemaker.

Jen and Lisa Shoemaker

And, was honored to meet Mayor Bill Wells.

Mayor Bill Wells and Jen

It was a privilege to meet “Student of the Month” Clarissa Roberts,

who had an impressive introduction of her accomplishments

and will attend MSU and then study law.


Someone dear to me (Jason’s dad) Bob Billington also got up

to speak. He was my dad’s best friend and they

played countless games of golf together.


After the meeting, I followed Yvette over to Calloway County High


…and we toured Jeffrey gymnasium, nicknamed, “The Jeff”.

Jen in the Jeff

Jen at the Jeff!

These were the county schools  merged into Calloway County High

in which my Uncle Boots was principal and the Superintendent.


That evening we met up with Mama’s cousin Harold McReynolds

who owns long-standing and well known “Corn-Austin Men’s Clothing Store”.


Harold and his lovely wife, Pat (my second cousins).

They showed us a little of their history in the book, “Going on 200”


Mama enjoyed getting to see her cousin again and so did I.

20140320_194012   20140320_194041

The end of our trip would not be complete without

a Main street’s Dairy Queen Milk Shake!


We headed for home that Friday and have so many fond memories that were made.


                               The End


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