Two Souls


God placed two souls together at birth,

Each going their own way.

God had to show them of their worth,

Something they couldn’t learn in one day.

A lifetime of struggles accompanied by wisdom,

The two souls yearned for the other.

Through laughter and tears they hoped ‘one day’ would come,

When the one they knew so deeply would be their lover.

God gives at the right time and He cannot be rushed,

He knows all they aspire.

His love soothed when each soul was crushed,

And promised them their heart’s desire.

Sometimes the souls would doubt, but hope always endured.

Learning the lessons from each new day,

Making their destiny secure,

And all would be okay.

The storms of life had made them stronger

While patience, trust and yielding had opened their heart,

Just when the two souls could wait no longer,

God brought them together never to part.


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