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Twitter is for Men

Ever try to express yourself with just 140 characters? Can this be done?


5 thoughts on “Twitter is for Men

  1. wordywordywordywordywordywordy1700wordy says:

    This article is maddeningly absurd, and thats about the nicest way I could think to phrase it. The core idea is that women are wordy and men are simple? Come on! Other than an idea that popped into your head, is there *anything* out there that qualifies that concept? I can only think of one thing that validates your article, and its your article! What you communicated in 1700 words could have been done so, much more effectively, in 140 characters. 1700 words! About something that isn’t remotely true. To be *that* wordy, about absolutely nothing based in reality, while writing about women being too wordy for twitter, is ironic beyond comprehension. I hate being mean, but goodness, I feel dumber after reading this, and I couldn’t even read the whole thing.

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