20 Random Things About Me (As Seen On FaceBook)

1. I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was 14. I think its medium brown.

2. I am motivated by passion and I avoid negativity.

3. I cry more from a great belly laugh than I do anything else.

4. The glass is “all the way full” – and when it isn’t… I go fill it back up.

5. Nature and music reach deep into my soul.

6. The people I most want to be around are human beings.

7. I don’t mind getting older – I look forward to it.

8. I have stared death in the face a few times – it doesn’t scare me.

9. Worms. Worms scare me.

10. I had walked most of my life until I discovered I had wings.

11. Being around a horse makes everything else disappear.

12. My grandchildren’s love is the easiest to receive because it is the most honest.

13. No man “completes me” … God does that.

14. The loneliest time of my life was after I had realized what I was worth.

15. My soul is antique – what moves me is from very long ago.

16. The book I love best has blank pages.

17. Being simple makes me a much deeper person.

18. I am not in the loop with the popular tv shows, movies or radio.

19. I learn the most about a person from looking at their hands…and their shoes.

20. I like to make words up with my name… Jenerally speaking…


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