The What For

Mama Saga:
I realized late that this was the day the new issue came out for CityScope Magazine so tonight, Mama and I went to Barnes to pick one up. I had planned to just go inside and for Mama wait in my Jeep. I locked her in and ran in to get a mag (which by the way is not at Barnes and Nobel yet) and when I came out I couldn’t find my Jeep. So, I did what I always do and flicked my lock button so that my Jeep would honk at me and tell me where I am parked. Yep— Mama freaked! While I kept flicking the button and listening for the honk, Mama saw all the lights around my Jeep flashing and she thought someone was trying to break in and she was a goner. I could see her face as I walked near and I have to say, it was priceless. When I got in the car, she gave me ‘the what for’ as any southern Mama would do.


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