The Gazelle

When you witness how male and female relationships become textbook, they really are quite predictable as men and women explore crossing the boundaries of friendship and become attracted to one another.

The male may seem interested, and he might even pursue the female, but the minute that the female finally decides to give the male a chance and she sees passed his insecurities, the male then decides the hunt is over.

The sport is gone and he begins to back up and let the female know that he only wants the hunt – not mounting the trophy. After years of witnessing this pattern with men, I have learned to not give in to the hunt. I run for my life and let them keep hunting. After all, it is the sport they love. Anyone can have a trophy… but you can’t take the thrill of the hunt away from a man.

I won’t be caught in a snare or fall in line of their scope – the minute that happens, men lose interest. If you get too close to a hunter, you just become their prey.

I am a gazelle and I will keep running.


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