How Many Hands Do YOU Have?

Sometimes when we reason, we will demonstrate with our hands, talk with our hands and count by our hands. How many times have you said, “On one hand…” and finish up with “but on the other hand…”

I must have more hands than an octopus, because on one hand – I really don’t care about dating much and I don’t have the time for it… but on the other hand….

…and I can list several more hands.

On the 7th hand, I want to date, but keep a distance so I can still have my space. On the 6th hand, I want to date one special person who treats me like a lady and believe that true love can exist. On the 5th hand, I want to date a few ‘buddies’ but keep it just as friends and with no complications.

On the 4th hand, I just think I get lonely and want affection, but on the 3rd hand, I want to take my time and wait for that one person to make me weak in my knees where I can’t see my life without him. On the 2nd hand, I am scared to meet that person – what if I choose the wrong one? On the 1st hand, I am scared NOT to meet him and afraid I may miss it when he is right in front of my face.

All I know is, whoever ends up crossing my path …they better like octopus.

(No, I am not really this indecisive… I just have these excuses ready for when people ask me what I want …and I don’t want to tell them what I really want).


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