Links to Published Articles

2011-2012 articles – mostly while living in New York before coming back home to Chattanooga

6/16/2011 “Broadway”

6/17/2011 “It’s Not Just Pizza, It’s a Pie”

6/21/2011 “Encounter with a Thief”

6/25/11 “What I Have Learned in New York”

6/29/11 “A Touch of Beach”

7/8/11  “The Looking Glass”

7/13/11 “Lost In Translation”

7/18/11 “Concerto at Ransom”

7/21/11 “I Finally Did It!”

7/24/11 “Welcome To New York”

7/28/11 “Ode to the Long Island Honker”

8/1/11 “From Amen to Oompa”

8/7/11 “Gimee A 10 on 120!”

8/ /11 “The B-Fifty-Who?”

8/14/11 “Time To Take the Reins”

8/19/11 “Im Just Getting Started”

8/23/11 “I Felt the Earth… Move…. Under My Feet!”    (Wow! An earthquake!)

8/25/11 -“Lucy, the Devine Miss M and Oz”   (This was sooo much fun!)

8/31 “Surviving Irene” (I was living in NY when Hurricane Irene hit!)

9/6/11 “Something’s Missing”

9/8/11 “Planting Fields”

9/10/11 “We Will Not Forget”  (Tenth anniversary of 9/11 – talking to New Yorkers)

9/15/11 “Cabana for Two Please”

9/23/11 “Out of This World”

9/21/11 “Southern Apple Dumplins” –Dining section

9/25/11 “Football on Ice”

9/29/11 “Slow Down, What’s the Rosh?”

10/2/11 “Queens for a Day”

10/6/11 “Eyes Wide Shut”

10/10/11 “Take a Hike!”

10/12/11 “I’m Coming Home!”

10/17/11 “Emerald City”

10/20/11 “Autumn in New York”

10/23/11 “Kidz Can’t be beat!”

10/27/11 “Catch 22”

10/30/11 Good Bye New York!

11/7/11 “Leaving New York with a Bang!”

11/10/11 “The Homecoming”

11/14/11 “”It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”

11/17/11 “Up Close and Personal”

11/20/11 “Thanksgiving and the Cafeteria Lady”

11/23/11 “Give Me The Works”

11/27 /11 “Sleep, It’s Overrated… Or Is It?”

11/30/11 “Cats, Dogs and Hippopotamus”

12/4/11 “Baby Steps”

12/7/11 “The Unexpected Gift”  (One of my favorites)

12/15/11 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

12/18/11 “A Walk In The Clouds”

12/25/11 “Grandma Got Run Over”

12/29/11 “Good Bye 2011!”

1/1/12 “The Bucket List”

“It’s Greek to Me!”


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