To Know Me (Another ‘Lonely’ Prose)

(Written during a time of healing)


To Know Me


In a whirlwind I was knocked down,

Flat on the ground, I lay wounded.

Blood stains all around,

Hoping my misery would soon end.

A light shining so bright, overcame the person I was.

I slowly stood firm on solid ground, stronger.

The strength I gained gave me cause,

I was a victim no longer.


Years have passed and I let myself believe,

That one day someone would want to know me.

Someone who would find me beautiful – something I can’t conceive.

One that would respect and admire all I have come to be.

But here I am alone in my strength; my wisdom,

The evening taunts me so.

My body begs to be released from this prison,

Of the loneliness I have come to know.


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