The Strength of a Woman

The Strength of a Woman


When the world continues to turn and people keep their stride,

The woman who is an insurmountable fixture is really a sculpture of pride.

When people see her, they admire her strength;

Whilst she holds them at arm’s length.

Her self-respect won’t allow her to let anyone too close.

For someone to see her need is what she fears the most.

It would mean that she fails, that she is vulnerable and then,

Someone who wants to hurt her will try and be her friend.

If she lets her guard down and takes the help they give,

She risks losing the life she longs to live.

A life of independence, making it on her own,

Telling her that she is okay and how much she has grown.

No one can understand her plight,

As the world demands so much and sends her to her fright.

She masks the tears and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

She laughs aloud to hide her sorrow.

Her hopes are in Him who has good things,

So she goes on- waiting for what the future may bring.

Holding on by her prayers and trust,

Afraid of her dreams turning to dust.

As the world turns… no spins, out of her control,

She tries to keep on without bearing her soul.

Those close to her mustn’t see when she fails.

She has to be strong, she must prevail.


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