I Danced For You

(Written back in my single days and trying to figure it all out)

I Danced For You 


After a treacherous winter, I welcomed the spring.

I had grown in wisdom and my heart began to sing.

My beauty came from within and I accepted it as true.

God had convinced me my desire would ensue.

I tried to show my beauty, I danced for you.

I showed you pieces of my soul but you did not pursue.

I gathered my dress in shame,

Running away and you never called out my name

I showed my talents, my heart, my splendor,

You didn’t notice. I took off my dress of beauty and put on my armor.

One day, I will dance again – and maybe your eyes will see,

All of the beauty hoping to emerge from inside of me.


3 thoughts on “I Danced For You

    • Thank you, John. This was during a time of “sticking my toe in the water and taking it back out”. Being single over 40 was a brand new experience and I have learned a lot over the last five years. I love to share the wisdom God has given me – but I also like to share ‘the experience’ and getting through it.

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