Growing Pains

(Written in the 80’s when I was a teenager)


Growing Pains

Good intentions sit high upon a shelf – actions rarely follow,

Could I really be that apathetic and shallow?

I get so blinded Lord and I am frightened of what I can’t see,

I want to trust that you’ll get me through but, where are you leading me?


Will anything that I could do, ever glorify your name?

Could I actually make a difference? Or will things remain the same?

I don’t have to be important; I want the glory for you,

These little things you place on my heart, will you actually use?


I desire to serve you lord, I want to grow more each day,

But the enemy knows what makes me stumble and makes me lose my way.

God, I ask for your protective hand to guide me in my walk,

Fill me with your power, be my solid rock!


Never forsaken, even when I leave your will for me,

It’s not my desire to go my own way, teach me Lord to let you lead.

Thank you Lord, for the mercy you give,

Help me to serve, teach me to really live.


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