Don’t Miss the Rainbow

(Written by a 17-year-old Jen Jeffrey)

Don’t Miss the Rainbow


People hurt and people grow,

And they will reap what they sow.

The biggest lesson I learn from life,

Is what to do with pain and strife.


Some carry it around and it becomes their only friend,

Yet some deny it until the end.

No one wants to go through pain,

But you learn what comes after the rain.


There is a special gift that we don’t see from the start,

Until the rainbow comes and beams through our heart.

Many miss the promise because they are still fighting the storm,

Others fail to acknowledge its there and become weary and worn.


Those who only look down, will never understand the message,

If you will receive the pain with an open spirit

Look up and be still – you will hear it.

The message, the promise, the rainbow in your heart,

Giving you light, where it once was dark.


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