(Written when I was 22 years old)


I Was There

Often times I wonder what it was like when Jesus was here on earth.

I try to go back in time and witness His birth.

I’m there with Mary taking a cool cloth to her head,

Knowing this babe was the savior, I heard her first words to Him she said.


I lie back on the hay and see a bright star,

No police sirens, no guns, no honking car.

Just a peaceful night, a miracle had taken place,

I was there to see the proud look on Mary’s face.


Then I go to hear Jesus as a man, I listen to every word.

I see the miracles He performs I hear people call Him Lord.

I like to see that I was with Him all the way and I was never in doubt,

Then I am drawn back to reality and humbleness comes about.


You see, I was there with Christ but not as one who took a stand…

No, I am the one who drove the nails in Jesus’ hands.


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