All the People

January 4, 2013

(Interviews)                                                                                     Last Update August 11, 2013

It is a privilege to interview the people of Chattanooga and I am honored to have them trust me to write their story. In featuring people for a profile piece, I focus on just one person as they share their life story with me beginning from childhood to present. Some are humorous while others are touching and encouraging. In order to write these stories, I have to pull out their personality and find their passion. Anyone can write about the events or credits of someone’s life, but to sit with someone and have them be open to share their personal life with me, is a rare privilege and I am honored by their trust. I also respect when they tell me, “That’s off the record”.

To read any of these stories, Google my name with theirs, and add Chattanoogan.

Alex Macias – Soccer Pro in America

Alex McMahan – Savannah Smiles

Alex Self – Self Made

Ansley Unsworth – Her Career Comes with Strings

Antonia Poland – From Chicago to Chattanooga

Austin Sweet – Without it I am Stronger

Ayesha Reynolds – A Dream, an Airstream and Art

Becky Anderson – Battling Fires Saving Lives

Becky Hansard – The Silver Lining

Bernie Miller – Blessed with Success

Beth Van Deusen – She Has designs On Your Home

Betsy Willingham – Life Goes On

Bill Gothard – WWII Vet

Bill Markham –Retired From Television

Bonnie White – A Veteran’s Wife

Brock Oliver – Setting High Standards

Caldwell Hunt – A Kid with 1,000 Senses

Caleb Ludwick – Helping to Tell the Story

Callie Starnes – We are Still Human

Carol Grohn – Of Thee I Sing

Cathi Cannon – Blazing Trails

Cheryl Murman – Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Charlie Anderton  –  Hurricane Katrina Survivor

Chinyere Ubamadu – Kid Book Camp

Chris and Ginger Fillers- Let the Children Come

Chris and LaDonna Kolling – Being a “Big” Couple

Corey Moore – Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

Cynthia Brundage – Southern Comfort Maletese Rescue

Darde Long – It’s a Zoo’s Life for Me

David Banks – Love: How Are We Doing?

David Carroll – Always On

David Cox – Will Play at the 150th Anniversary of Taps at Arlington

David Glenn – Has Weathered The Storms

Dawson Wheeler – Happy Trails

Dean Draper – Looking Out for People’s Best Interest

Deborah Levine – Strategies for Diversity

Deedee Morrison – Woman of Steel

Derek Halvorson – A President for the Next Generation

Doug Chinery – When Men Weren’t Afraid

Eric Stitts – Wild Game Dinner Reaches 2200

Erwin Ovalle – Holding Onto His Dream

Frances McDonald – Life is a Collage,

Frank Baker- Stone Sober

Harvey Weiss – To Live In Harmony

Hollie Berry – Dewdle Girl

Hugh Morrow –  Home for the Holdidays

Garrett Whitson – Fowl Play

Gary Starnes – The People’s Judge

George Patten – All in the Family

Georgia Eastman – Traveler and Volunteer

Gina Bennett – Knows How to Take a Dare

Ginger Brown – A Special Kind of Teacher

Jack Mullinax – Serving and Honoring

Jane Chastain – Trains Special Needs in Her Gym

Janis Odom – Memories of a Traveling Mom

Jay Craven – Meaningful Melodies

Jeff Fontana- It’s the Italian in Me

Jeff Pfitzer – Gaining Ground and Respect

Jennifer Flowers – A Woman of Determination

Jeremy Jarvis – Hands On Guy

Jerre Haskew – Folk On!

Jerry Askins – Not Askin’ for Trouble

Joe Hendrix – Living Large

John Maciejewski – Submariner Dealing with Polio

John Moon – Mind Your Elders

Joshua Crowder – An Eye For Fly

Joy Devlin – A Song for the Soul

Joyce Lewis – For the Love of the Game

Julie Barringer – Chattanooga Great Venue for Music

Katie Ricketts – Respect for Dance

Kaity Holloway – Strikeout Queen

Kari Holmes – ‘Accents’-uates the Positive

Keith Lane – Yours, Mine and Ours

Kelly Luther Stultz – Little a Awesome

Kenneth McNeal – Stepping Outside of the Box

Kevin McNelly – I’ve Learned to Pay Attention

Kim Edwards – Full Circle

Kristen Woodhead – A Fast Horse and a Gun

Kurt Schaffer – Budgeting Makes Cents

Kurt Schmissrauter – The Game of Life

Lacie Stone – It’s a Dog’s Life

Lily Mitchell – Not Everything is Black and White

Linda Pettigrew –  The Listening heart

Lisa Rousseau – Learning to Cope

Lon Eldridge – He’s Got the Look

Lynn Sims – Taking Charge of Her Life

Madison Waldrop – Fifteen and Making a Scene

Manny Rico – Engraving a Legacy

Maggie Moses – 212 Market Owner

Marcus Hulsey – Mentoring is Essential

Mary Keasler – Piecing it All Together

Maria Chattin – Behind the Scenes and In the Scenes

Maria Noel – Born to Lead

Marie Ivey – A Nurses Heart

Marlene Geren – Has  a Country Side to Her

Matt Lea – Three Piece Site and Overalls

Megan McElhaney – Seeing Double

Michael Gray – The Great Gossiper

Mike Bradshaw – Maker His Day in 3D

Mike Pollock – This Land

Norma Maloney – Dreaming Big

Oliver Trimiew – Living History

Pamper Garner – A Song for the Children

Penny Hughey – Penny Wise

Rachel Holder – You Can’t ‘Holder’ Back!

Rich Smith’s – Passion for Love

Rick Baldwin – A Year in a Kilt

Rick Cadena – Chameleon of Change

Roberts Streets – The Power of Music and the Power of Love

Rusty Criminger – The Right Brain

Sally White – Gift of Words

Sam Payne – Man or Honor

Scott Rix – a Family of Heros

Sheila Wofford – Actress on the Rise

Shelley Prevost- Director of Happiness

Solomon McGee – Solomon’s Wisdom

Sue Markley – A Wanderlust for Life

Susan Beadoin Laughrey – Running with God

Susan Brenner – Looking for that Human Connection

Susan Robinson – The Importance of Words

Susan Salerno – We are all the Same

Stuart James – Defender of Rights

Tara Hills – Sharing Her Love for Horses

Ted Gocke – Helping to Shine the Light

Tim Daugherty – Living Out His Pipe Dream

Tim Kelly – Hunter

Tina Kim – Sharp Rocks… I Go Anyway

Troy Underwood – Songwriter and Performer

Wesley Richie – Focused on the Future

Valerie Long – Faith is Key to Recovery

Vance Travis – Ad-VANCE Creations

Vincent Phipps – It’s Worth Staying Alive

Walter Gienapp – Life’s Ironic Journey


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