Welcome to Jen’s place!

Here, you will find links to articles Jen has written for Chattanooga’s leading online publication of the local news (stories are in the Happenings section).

You may also browse through a few photos, read poetry or prose as well as blogs of ‘this and that’. There is a little something for everyone who needs a smile or a cyber hug for the day.

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Be sure and let Jen know that you stopped by



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dewey Ewing says:

    Thanks Jen!
    Candy and I had a nice quiet dinner (to celebrate my birthday last evening), at my favorite Italian restaurant.
    Plus, I very much enjoyed the 50+ “Happy Birthday” wishes I received from family and friends.
    Now that I’ve reached official retirement age, I’m no longer considered to be “Disabled”, simply Retired.
    That too was an especially nice part of my 66th Birthday.
    Happy Holidays,
    Dewey Ewing

    PS – Do you have an email address you’d care to share, other than at Facebook?

  2. Willie Mae Gilliam says:

    Hi Jen

    I always love the adventures of Willie Mae. I would often read your article during my lunch break. Willie Mae and I have a few things in common, my name is Willie Mae and love different cuisines.

    • I’m sorry that I am just now seeing this – thank you so much. I need to keep up with this website more and do more writing. And I love every Willie Mae I meet! 🙂

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